House passes bill preserving free speech thanks to patriots like you!


The House this week passed legislation, introduced by Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.), titled the “Preventing IRS Abuse and Protecting Free Speech Act,” that – if enacted – will rein in the out-of-control bureaucrats at the IRS who have used their power to target Americans whose ideologies differ from those held by the Obama administration.

“In an era where President Obama’s IRS has been unleashed to target Americans for their political beliefs, passing this bill into law would be a huge win for the First Amendment. It would protect the identities of donors to charitable organizations from the IRS, eliminating one way the IRS could target and persecute Americans for their political beliefs,” Tea Party Patriots says in a statement released Tuesday.

The legislation – which would erase the IRS requirement nonprofit charities disclose their donors’ identities in annual tax filings – has passed the House chamber thanks to patriots like YOU who have helped us write letters to the editor; reach out to members of Congress; sign petitions; engage publicly on the issue, whether on social media or in person. This legislation sits ready to go to before the Senate thanks to you. YOU are helping us make a difference. Now let’s celebrate this win!