Hannity Matters to America – tell that to Media Matters


The liberal media is losing its mind over President Donald J. Trump’s upset victory over their darling candidate Hillary Clinton – even though Secretary Clinton failed our men in Benghazi, was criminally negligent in handling classified emails and, among other things, failed to disclose sizable Clinton Foundation donations even after promising President Obama she would.

The president’s agenda is at odds with their own and THEY. JUST. CAN’T. DEAL. So, they’re pulling out every trick in the book – Media Matters for America specifically – even going so far as to put conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity in their cross hairs by publishing the names of every advertiser that keeps his programming afloat, according to the Associated Press — something’s that’s apparently pressured Cars.com to pull its advertising from Hannity.

“Liberal Fascism,” Hannity tweeted Wednesday. “[Media Matters for America] is targeting my advertisers to silence my voice. They hope to get me fired. Rush, O’Reilly, Beck, Imus, & now me.”

Radical liberals’ goal is simple: Take no prisoners. They are vicious and biased in their attacks and don’t actually care to “co-exist” with those whose opinions are different, as they so often allege. It’s time to push back and say that Hannity matters to America! He represents our voice and he represents yours voice – both of which deserve a place in this world.

Will you join us? Tweet #HannityMattersToAmerica to fight liberal, hypocritical intolerance and demand that we too – principled conservatives – have a right to our voice just as much as the next guy!

Liberal activists in the media hate Sean Hannity because he won’t bow to their relentless demands that everyone ignore the facts and solely focus on attacking the president. Because Sean Hannity refuses to give in and keeps asking the tough questions, the unhinged left is putting unprecedented pressure on Sean Hannity’s advertisers to use them to try and force Sean to do their bidding or shut up.

This attack on the First Amendment is outrageous and must not be allowed! Two of Sean’s sponsors, Cars.com and USAA, have already pulled their advertisements from his show under pressure from deranged liberals – we MUST FIGHT BACK!

Please call Cars.com at (312) 601-5000 and USAA at (210) 531-8722 TODAY and tell them to stop their assault on Sean Hannity’s First-Amendment right to cover the news and ask tough questions.

Or tweet the following messages to them:

.@carsdotcom why choose sides with left-wing anarchists and pull ads from @seanhannity? #boycottcarsdotcom #HannityMattersToAmerica

.@USAA why bow down to left-wing anarchists and pull ads from @seanhannity? #boycottUSAA #HannityMattersToAmerica

If we don’t stand up to the anti-American tactics of the left, we will allow them to bully the president’s allies into silence and undermine our own cherished First-Amendment rights. Please call Cars.com and USAA today and tell them we know their company has chosen sides and is working with the far-left-wing extremists to undermine freedom of the press!