Former Cincinnati mayor: Sessions likely most ‘important’ Trump appointee

Former Cincinnati Mayory and Senior Fellow for the American Civil Rights Union Kenneth Blackwell in a recent column comes out in support of President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) – a man Blackwell says may be the most “important” person among President-elect Trump’s appointees and who “knows where the alligators sleep” and therefore qualified to help “drain the swamp.”

The Stream has the commentary:

Contrary to the expectations of many people, President-elect Donald Trump has been filling his cabinet with serious, no-nonsense conservatives. The Left will confront appointees who would make Ronald Reagan proud. None may be more important than Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Commitment to the rule of law always has set America apart from most other nations. The U.S. doesn’t always get it right. But we strive toward the ideal of a government of laws rather than men.

After eight years of the Obama administration, the next attorney general will need to start on day one to restore respect for the rule of law throughout the federal government. Officials need to remember that the Constitution creates an institution of limited powers tasked with protecting individual liberty.

Sen. Sessions respects the law and ensuring our elected officials do not act outside of it – exactly the attorney general we need. Click here to sign the Tea Party Patriots petition in support of Sen. Sessions’ for attorney general!