Federal appeals court says IRS likely still targeting Americans for their political beliefs


Officials at the Internal Revenue Service are continuing to target politically conservative-leaning groups seeking tax-exempt status, a federal appeals court said in a recent ruling that overturned a lower-court decision that tossed out a lawsuit against the agency on the grounds IRS authorities said they’d stop certain targeting practices.

The Daily Signal has the story:

The IRS insisted “there is no reasonable expectation” that discrimination will reoccur, the ruling noted, because the tax agency has “suspended until further notice” tactics it used to target the applications of tea party and other conservative groups for nonprofit status.

That reassurance was unsatisfactory to the appeals court because it appeared temporary.

“There is a difference between the controversy having gone away and simply being in a restive stage,” Senior Judge David B. Sentelle, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, wrote in a unanimous decision by a three-judge panel.

It’s time the IRS answers for its actions and puts an end to its unconstitutional targeting of Americans. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots push back against President Obama’s out-of-control IRS, starting with the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.