Don’t tread on me: Tea partyers making their voices heard in communities across the country


Americans ready for an even more vibrant, free and prosperous nation have been sacrificing time and money –working in their hometowns and at the state and federal level – to help Tea Party Patriots in its steady work of paving the way for smaller government that truly serves its citizenry instead of acting as an authoritarian behemoth, robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Writer and conservative political activist Phil Kerpen in a recent column weighs in on the impact Tea Party Patriots has made. Here are some of the highlights.

Conservative Review has the story:

I’ve been proud to stand with them at rallies, partner with them on public comment campaigns to regulatory agencies, and – far too many times, it seems – join them on the steps of the Supreme Court to clash directly with the union-funded picketers and drum-bangers…

Tea Party Patriots is a remarkable organization, a grassroots-driven army of more than 2 million American citizens in almost 800 chapters nationwide, who are dedicated to changing our country for the better. Led by the decisions made by their grassroots supporters and guided by president and co-founder Jenny Beth Martin, they are so much more than an email list and a few consultants that the comparison between them and the “scam PACs” borders on defamatory.

Last fall, Tea Party Patriots organized a rally at the U.S. Capitol opposing the Iran nuclear deal.  It was one of their only big events I didn’t speak at, because my smaller organization stays focused on domestic issues.  But I was amazed to see that more than 10,000 Tea Party activists came on short notice – years after the movement allegedly died.

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