Do you live in one of the best states for concealed carry?


As concealed-carry regulations vary widely across the country, it has become more difficult to acquire a permit to exercise your Second-Amendment right, according to Guns & Ammo magazine.

The criteria included in determining which states were the best and worst includes ease of acquiring a concealed carry permit, costs associated with acquiring a license, training hours required and reciprocity with other states.

Here are the top-three best states for concealed carry, according to The Washington Times:

“#1. Arizona: As good as it gets: The Grand Canyon State was at the top in all categories, and issues permits to residents even though it doesn’t require them.”

“#2. Utah: Of the states that require permits, The Beehive State scores at the top of the heap. Permits are cheap and the list of prohibited locations for carrying is short.”

“#3. Alaska: Like Wyoming, Alaska residents don’t need a permit to carry — but the state issues permits in case residents want to travel to reciprocal states. Alaskans must inform law enforcement if they are carrying.”

The ranking may come as a shocker but the ranking came down to minor details in the wording of each states’ regulation and the states’ repression of Second-Amendment rights. With that news, the worst concealed-carry state shouldn’t be mindboggling.

“#1.California: The Golden State’s law allows for may-issue permits controlled by the whims of the sheriff in each county. Fees and training time also vary.”

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