Conservative House caucus recommends ‘flatter, fairer and simpler tax code’

The U.S. tax code – at nearly 75,000 pages in length, according to The Washington Examiner – is exactly the type of bureaucratic web Congress needs to unweave. And, while Americans are bright enough to negotiate the ins and outs of the convoluted system, we shouldn’t have to spend time and resources navigating an agency continually used to target Americans for their political beliefs. Fortunately, the Republican Study Committee in a recent statement called for an overhaul of the wayward agency.

“The RSC’s recommendations seek to create a flatter, fairer and simpler tax code. Recommendations include developing a business tax code that is agnostic to the industry being taxed, eliminating the marriage penalty in the tax code and updating the U.S. corporate tax rate, which is one of the highest among developed nations,” reads an April 22 statement published by RSC spokesperson Caitlin Carroll.

The more than 170-member Republican Study Committee was established in 1973 to “bring like-minded House members together to promote a strong, principled, legislative agenda that will limit government, strengthen our national defense, boost America’s economy, preserve traditional values and balance our budget,” reads its website.

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