Columnist responds to President Obama’s ‘cult of small government’ comment


Columnist Robert Knight, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union, in a recent opinion piece pushes back against a comment President Obama recently made criticizing those comprising “the cult of small government” – in other words, the many Americans that rightly believe in checks and balances and the separation of powers prescribed in our Constitution.

The Washington Times has the commentary:

If you believe the federal government is too large and powerful, you’re in what our current president calls “the cult of small government.” That’s what he said in a speech last week in Elkhart, Indiana, in which his aim was “to bust this myth of crazy, liberal government spending.”

“I am not making this stuff up,” insisted Mr. Obama, who has increased America’s national debt by nearly $10 trillion — more than all his predecessors combined. A quick look at the National Debt Clock will scare the pants off anyone not put into a hypnotic trance by the fast-moving figures.

As a small-government cultist, I’m proud to admit my desire to restore constitutional limits. This means scaling back programs and regulations, restoring welfare reforms that work, securing the border, cutting taxes, enacting voter photo ID laws, and getting the federal government out of our restrooms and locker rooms. Plus, appointing judges who are not certifiable whackos.

Liberal monetary policy has already downgraded our credit rating on the world market and caused wages to stagnate while the price of goods continues to rise. Americans can’t afford to continue spending ourselves into a rut some economists say will leave our nation in a similar economic shambles as Greece. Click here to get involved and help Tea Party Patriots restore a love for our Constitution and small-government policies that keep our nation free.