Call to thank your senators for giving us a voice in the direction of the Supreme Court!

President Obama is trying to bully the Senate into confirming Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court as part of his plan to stack the Court with a liberal majority that will undermine our most cherished rights. Merrick Garland would be the fifth vote on the Supreme Court to gut our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms and empower unaccountable bureaucrats at agencies like the IRS and EPA – he must be stopped! Even the liberal New York Times admits a Supreme Court with Merrick Garland would be “the most liberal in decades.”

Fortunately, Senate Republicans, led by Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), are holding firm and insisting they will not hold hearings or confirm a liberal nominee put forward by President Obama. These Republican senators are under attack from the White House, Senate Democrats and their liberal allies who want a liberal majority on the Supreme Court to undermine our rights and shift even more power to the federal government and the unaccountable bureaucrats who run it.

We need to make sure that Senate Republicans hold firm against President Obama’s plan to create a Supreme Court dominated by liberal, activist judges! Please take a moment to CALL or send a message via social media to the Republican senators listed below and thank them for standing up to President Obama’s plan to stack the Supreme Court with liberals!

Senator State Phone Tweet
Mitch McConnell KY (502) 582-6304 @SenateMajLdr
John Cornyn TX 512-469-6034 @johncornyn
John Thune SD (605) 334-9596 @SenJohnThune
John Barrasso WY 307-772-2451 @SenJohnBarrasso
Roy Blunt MO (314) 725-4484 @RoyBlunt
Jeff Sessions AL (205) 731-1500 @SenatorSessions
Orrin Hatch UT (801) 524-4380 @SenOrrinHatch
Chuck Grassley IA 515-288-1145 @ChuckGrassley
David Vitter LA (225) 383-0331 @DavidVitter
David Perdue GA (404) 865-0087 @SenDavidPerdue
Ron Johnson WI (414) 276-7282 @SenRonJohnson
Rob Portman OH 216-522-7095 @SenRobPortman
Kelly Ayotte NH (603) 880-3335 @KellyAyotte

Senate Republicans are under intense pressure to cave to President Obama and his liberal allies, so please help us defend the Supreme Court! You can become a Tea Party Patriots Supreme Court Defender today! Go to our Supreme Court Defenders page and join us on the front lines to protect our most cherished rights and values!

However, while some in the Senate are holding firm there are others who need to know that we will not stand for another liberal Justice on the Supreme Court that would seek to erode our constitutional rights. It’s time these lawmakers felt the heat! Call these senators now and demand they stop shoving President Obama’s activist Supreme Court nominee down our throat! Our liberty is on the line and now is the time to act and call our senators.

Senator State Phone Tweet
Joe Manchin WV (304) 342-5855 @Sen_JoeManchin
Mark Kirk IL (312) 886-3506 @SenatorKirk
Susan Collins AK (207) 780-3575 @SenatorCollins
Joe Donnelly IN (317) 226-5555 @SenDonnelly
Heidi Heitkamp ND (701) 258-4648 @SenatorHeitkamp
Michael Bennet CO (303) 455-7600 @SenBennetCO