Calif. Rep. McClintock: U.S. national debt is ‘out of control’


U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock during a recent speaking engagement in El Dorado Hills, California underscored how severely in the hole our nation is from a financial perspective – something we’ve known for years but need Congress to act on right away.

The Folsom Telegraph has the details:

“Spending is out of control,” he said.

The National Debt is at $20 trillion and growing, he said. In 10 years there won’t be funding for Medicare and Social Security will be bankrupt in 17 years if “we stay on the same trajectory,” McClintock said…

McClintock said that “entitlement programs” cost $1 trillion a year. Examples of entitlement programs are Medicaid, welfare, food stamps and unemployment compensation.

Now is the time to tackle out-of-control spending. We need to  rein in costly programs and decrease our national debt immediately. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge lawmakers to adopt commonsense spending policy that would balance our budget within five years!