Buyer beware: Administration lays out plan to use IRS data to rope young adults into Obamacare

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The Obama administration this week announced plans to target prospective Obamacare enrollees by pulling IRS data on young people who paid the Obamacare penalty last year – all in an effort to drive premiums down for the so-called “frequent flyers” while driving expenses up for a younger demographic struggling with student-loan debt and fewer opportunities amid the Obama economy.

The Washington Times has the scoop:

Officials said people who were fined under the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate can expect to receive a paper notice that explains their coverage options on the law’s web-based exchanges. The state of Massachusetts is already working with its revenue agency to locate the uninsured, and the Obama administration said those efforts appeared to be working.

The Health and Human Services Department said nearly half — or 45 percent — of people who paid the mandate tax or claimed an exemption from it for the 2014 tax year were under age 35, even though the age group accounted for only 30 percent of all taxpayers overall.

These young adults tend to be healthier than the rest of the market, so the administration wants to prod them into the exchanges to keep premiums down.

There are no winners when it comes to the so-called receiving end of Obamacare. The president’s signature health-insurance law has burdened the very people is claims to help: young people; small-business owners; neighborhood physicians and healthcare providers; families and, yes, even the elderly. Click here to help Tea Party Patriots urge Congress to repeal Obamacare!