Arkansas VA spent $408 million on solar-panel project as veterans faced brutal wait-times

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Officials at an Arkansas Veterans Affairs hospital over a five-year period spent $408 million a so-called “green management” solar-panel project that went over schedule and over budget as former servicemen and women awaited care long overdue, according to a VA inspector-general report spurred by members of Congress.

The Daily Caller has the details:

The move to solar is part of the VA’s Green Management Program, which is tasked with installing renewable energy sources at various medical facilities. The probe included 11 out of 15 solar panel projects awarded from 2010 through 2013, which were still incomplete in 2015.

Each of the 11 solar panel sites examined were estimated to be finished within 210 to 372 days from their start date, but on average it took 1,269 for those that were completed.

The VA watchdog’s report says that, “This occurred because of planning errors, design changes, a lengthy interconnection process, and contractor delays. As a result, VA did not increase renewable energy for those solar projects in the time frame planned and incurred additional costs through needed contract modifications.”

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