AP: Leaked document suggests Iran could ramp up uranium enrichment before nuclear deal expires


The much-heralded Iran nuclear deal pushed by the Obama administration – a deal that handed over billions of American taxpayer dollars to a nation with a long history of human-rights offenses – will not hold water with Tehran long before it’s set to expire.

The Associated Press has the scoop:

Key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program imposed under an internationally negotiated deal will start to ease years before the 15-year accord expires, advancing Tehran’s ability to build a bomb even before the end of the pact, according to a document obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

The confidential document is the only text linked to last year’s deal between Iran and six foreign powers that hasn’t been made public, although U.S. officials say members of Congress who expressed interest were briefed on its substance. It was given to the AP by a diplomat whose work has focused on Iran’s nuclear program for more than a decade, and its authenticity was confirmed by another diplomat who possesses the same document.

Both demanded anonymity because they were not authorized to share or discuss the document.

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