Speaker Ryan: Anthem Obamacare withdrawal in Wisc., Indiana forcing people to ‘scramble’ to find new plans, doctors

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Anthem announced yesterday that it would be leaving the Obamacare exchanges for Indiana and Wisconsin in 2018. The health insurance plan provider will still provide plans off the exchange for a select few counties in both states; however, purchasers will not be able to use tax subsidies for their coverages.

The Washington Examiner has the full story:

Anthem said in a statement it made its decision because “the individual market remains volatile.”

It blamed uncertainty ahead over whether it would receive insurance payments from the federal government, as well as whether the government would enforce the Obamacare law that requires people to have insurance or pay a penalty. The future of the law remains in flux as Republicans in the Senate debate a bill that would repeal and replace portions of Obamacare, formally known as the Affordable Care Act, with a draft of the legislation expected Thursday.

Anthem, in citing its decision to leave the exchanges in Indiana and Wisconsin, noted they were struggling. Much of this is because not enough young, healthy people have enrolled in the plans to balance out the costs of sicker, more expensive enrollees.

Obamacare is not the answer to our health-insurance problems. It’s draining the middle class, preventing job creation and — among other things — coming between doctors and their patients! Please click here to urge our lawmakers to replace the ACA with commonsense legislation to fix our healthcare problem.