AG Jeff Sessions: Defiant sanctuary cities ‘tie the hands of law enforcement’


Sanctuary cities, accused by President Trump’s administration of undermining federal laws in regards to illegal immigration, think they have found a loop hole – claiming the federal statute does not require cities to collect immigration status information. These jurisdictions will continue to jeopardize the safety of millions of families and law enforcement officials just to secure their federal “funds.”

The Washington Times has the details:

“So-called ‘sanctuary’ policies tie the hands of law enforcement by rejecting common sense and undermining federal laws that would remove criminal, illegal aliens from the streets and remove them from this country,” Mr. Sessions said as he spoke about the gun violence in Chicago.

The Justice Department warned a mix of 10 cities, states and counties in April that they risked federal grant funding if they couldn’t prove compliance with federal law U.S.C. 1373, which bans local governments from enacting policies that restrict communications with federal immigration authorities “regarding the citizenship or immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of any individual.”

The jurisdictions all say they comply with the federal immigration law, but provided varied legal justifications.


Sanctuary cities continue to threaten our freedoms, place strain our job market and place the security of millions at stake. Click here to help fight to secure our borders, implement immigration reform and put an end to sanctuary cities that refuse to respect our constitutional freedoms.