Actress Stacey Dash says ‘That’s so untrue’ of this Democrat’s ridiculous anti-gun comment

Actress-turned-conservative-political-commentator Stacey Dash in an interview with Townhall’s Cortney O’Brien reveals what she thinks of DNC platform committee member Bonnie Schaefer’s recent comment “Nothing is ever solved when you have a gun in your hand except the worst-possible scenario” – and she didn’t hold back! (Fast forward to 2:47 minutes in for the excerpt.)

“That’s so untrue,” said Dash. “Things are definitely solved – what got solved for me was a man who was stalking me for three years, who had been beating me for five years, came into my house and tried to kill me and my son and – because I had a gun – I shot at him and was able to get him out of my house…”

The “Clueless” star said, though she didn’t kill the man, her Second-Amendment rights helped her preserve her and her son’s life. Furthermore, she hasn’t had another altercation with the assailant since.

“I did not kill him’ I tried to. I aimed to kill, but I did not kill him. But it did work; it got him out of my house, and it got him out of my life for good. So, take that, Bonnie.”