We Need Reform on CAFE Standards, Not Gun Control


Gun violence makes headlines and causes outrage. Gun violence is an issue; however, where’s the visible outrage over the unreasonably strict Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards that have been responsible for more deaths than gun violence?

CAFE standards on automobiles began in 1975—after the 1973–74 Arab Oil Embargo—and were strengthened further by politicians like former President Barack Obama. They are regulations to “improve” the average U.S. fuel economy of cars and light trucks (trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles) produced.

Mark Levin, an author and a speaker at our upcoming Tea Party 10 rally, argues that more people have died because CAFE standards have allowed cars to be built less structurally resilient.

Fox News has Mark Levin’s commentary:

“In order to meet the per-gallon fuel efficiency standards set by Congress, the automobile industry was required to reduce the size and weight of vehicles,” he said, adding cars now, “contain more plastic and aluminum than ever before,” and leave occupants, “more vulnerable to injury and death from most kinds of accidents — Has anybody heard this issue by anybody?”

“Our Congress is coming back and we’re told they’re going to look at gun control, but they’re not going to look at the CAFE standards… it would destroy the narrative of the left.

“The left, since 1975, vastly increased the CAFE standards, which this president has rolled back,” he added, going on to point to the levels initially set under the Obama administration.

When the standards were conceived in 2012, the fleet-wide mileage target for 2025 was 54.5 mpg. But because more trucks and SUVs are now being sold, that number was reduced to 51.4, the EPA said in 2018.

Levin said it was a good thing Trump rolled back those standards: “Can you imagine the number of people who would’ve been slaughtered on our roads as a result of such an insane and arbitrary figure.”

“This was celebrated in the media,” he said of the Obama-era increase of CAFE standards.

“So much depends on the priority of what we’re told — the agenda that is pushed… all we get is this endless propaganda.”

You would think the Democratic politicians and the mainstream media would consider the safety of Americans traveling daily on the roads. It’s high time politicians and the media stop perpetually misinforming the public on the real dangers Americans face.

You can check out Levin’s podcast for more on the issue.