Jenny Beth’s Journal: The Tea Party Isn’t Going Anywhere


Last month, Sen. Rand Paul declared on the Senate floor, “Today is the final nail in the coffin. The Tea Party is no more. … Adoption of this deal marks the death of the Tea Party movement in America.” In his defense, he was angry over the caucus’ cavalier approval of a massive two-year spending bill. Though angry at his caucus, he is horribly mistaken; the Tea Party is alive and well. It’s not going anywhere.

The Daily Signal has Jenny Beth’s commentary:

For 10 years now, Tea Party Patriots and its affiliated Super PAC and foundation have worked to organize, educate, and mobilize our fellow grassroots activists in support of constitutionally limited government.

We hold those weekly conference calls with hundreds of local group leaders I mentioned before, and nearly every week that Congress is in session we produce and air a Facebook Live broadcast where we share important political and legislative news with our activists and answer their questions about the topics of the day.

We publish op-eds and guest columns on a weekly basis, and I long ago lost count of the number of TV and radio appearances I’ve done to comment on the issues of the day.

Our issues are many: Tax reform. Intellectual property rights. Health care freedom. Border security and immigration reform. Fourth Amendment protections for privacy rights. First Amendment protections for speech, press, and religion. The Second Amendment. Term limits. An end to Common Core. The Iran nuclear deal. The threat from China. Judicial nominations.

That’s a wide variety of issues—far broader than what Sen. Paul and others may be aware of that the Tea Party is concerned with. What do they all have in common? They’re all manifestations of our determination to support a constitutionally limited government.

It can be demoralizing to see allies proclaiming your work is dead and meaningless, instead of acknowledging losses and moving on, living to fight another day.

And whether you continue to falsely claim the Tea Party movement is dead or not, we are not going away. Like Winston Churchill, we will “never, never, never give up.”

Over the coming weeks, months, and years, we will continue to stand for personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future.

The Tea Party has put in ten years of fighting, seeing many victories, but we still have a lot of work to do! Join us in Washington, D.C. on September 19 to march against the rise of socialism. As Jenny Beth Martin says, “As long as there’s liberty in America, there will be a Tea Party movement!”