5 of the best quotes from liberty-loving suffragette Susan B. Anthony

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At the heart of the women’s suffrage movement is the all-American desire to be independent – the desire to map our own course and be unfettered by anyone who violates our individual conscience. Here’s to the brave suffragettes who boldly persuaded our political leaders to give women the same independence as their male peers. In…

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Report: U.S. paid $400 million to Iran

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The Obama administration is attempting to explain a $400 million payout to Iran that occurred during a hostage crisis earlier this year. Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan are demanding an explanation, some saying that the cash could go toward funding terrorist groups. The Washington Examiner reported: The Obama administration on Wednesday was defending the transaction as…

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Rep. Gohmert to gun-control nuts: ‘Radical Islam killed these people!’

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) Wednesday challenged liberal members of Congress – staked out in the House Chamber for a so-called gun-control “sit in” – who demanded representatives in the wake of the Orlando terror attack vote on gun-control legislation that would tighten background checks for gun buyers – a measure, says Gohmert, that’s beside the…

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Actress Stacey Dash says ‘That’s so untrue’ of this Democrat’s ridiculous anti-gun comment

Actress-turned-conservative-political-commentator Stacey Dash in an interview with Townhall’s Cortney O’Brien reveals what she thinks of DNC platform committee member Bonnie Schaefer’s recent comment “Nothing is ever solved when you have a gun in your hand except the worst-possible scenario” – and she didn’t hold back! (Fast forward to 2:47 minutes in for the excerpt.) “That’s…

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