TPPA Strongly Supports Judge Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court

Tea Party Patriots Action

Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today.

“President Trump is continuing to keep his promises to grassroots conservatives. Judge Amy Coney Barrett is an outstanding jurist.  President Trump’s nominations have been a model of transparency – with all three nominees being chosen from a list the President shared with the public ahead of time.  The President continues to stick to his list, while Joe Biden refuses to release one of his own. 

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is extremely qualified – both in terms of her professional experience, and in terms of her judicial philosophy. She will be an asset to the court as it considers landmark cases that directly bear on our Constitutional rights – from religious liberty to the Second Amendment, from healthcare to immigration.  The Senate must consider and confirm Judge Coney Barrett as soon as possible because the election might be contested and an eight-member Supreme Court would leave our nation at an impasse.”