Tea Party Patriots: IRS Must Immediately Release All New Documents Potentially Related to Targeting


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today, in response to reports that the IRS found new documents potentially related to the agency’s targeting scandal, in which conservatives were targeted for their political beliefs under the Obama Administration.

“Years after the Obama Justice Department refused to conduct any real investigation of the IRS targeting scandal, in which conservatives were targeted for their political beliefs, and during which former president Obama laughed it off and claimed there was ‘not a smidgen’ of corruption at the IRS, and years after IRS Commissioner Koskinen claimed all the Lois Lerner backup emails during the relevant time period were erased, we now learn that there are almost 7,000 undisclosed documents potentially related to the IRS targeting.

“Not only did the IRS magically ‘find’ potentially relevant documents but the IRS is now refusing to make them public.

“We call on the IRS to immediately release all these new documents, so the American people can finally begin to see what the IRS has been hiding regarding their scandalous abuse of power.

“We call on IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, a Democratic Party major donor, to finally be held accountable for his role in covering up the targeting of conservatives for their political views. Commissioner Koskinen and the IRS may have been protected by the Obama White House, but now under President Trump we are confident the time for holding them accountable is finally here.”