Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund: “The State of the Union is a Disaster and Biden Bears the Blame”


Atlanta, GA – Tonight, President Biden will deliver his annual State of the Union address. In anticipation of the speech, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“The State of the Union is a disaster and the reason is simple: the left-wing policies of President Biden and the Democrats. On issue after issue, whether it’s inflation, immigration, crime, foreign wars, weaponization of government, cultural decay, and so much more, Biden and the Democrats have directly enacted policies that have caused tremendous suffering across our country. To rebut these basic facts, Biden will offer fake optimism and misinformation tonight. The American people know better.

“The American people are demanding a course correction. They will not get it tonight and they will never get it so long as Joe Biden is President. The next few months are tremendously important for our country. Conservatives in Congress must continue to stand strong against Biden’s assault on the country. Additionally, conservative activists across the country must do the hard work necessary to secure and win elections in November so that we can have a true course correction next year. Our future depends on it.”

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