Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Endorses Jason Thompson for Re-Election as Republican National Committeeman from Georgia 


Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund President Jenny Beth Martin today released the following statement, endorsing Jason Thompson for reelection to his position as Republican National Committeeman from the state of Georgia:

“Jason Thompson’s connections to the grassroots conservatives represented by the Georgia Republican Party are long, and deep – for instance, 15 years ago, he and his wife Julianne helped Debbie Dooley, Amy Kremer, and me launch the Atlanta Tea Party. He is elected to his position on the National Committee by Georgia’s grassroots conservatives, and is proud to be their voice on the Committee.

“During his years of service as Georgia’s National Committeeman, Jason has been a conservative warrior. On the National Committee, he serves on the Election Integrity committee and the Faith Engagement committee, and as Chairman of the Election Operations subcommittee.

“Jason knows how to fight – and, most importantly, win. While working with the Committee to Defend the President, Jason was the only Republican lawyer in Georgia to win an election law case against Fulton County in the 2020 Presidential Election.

“Further, Jason understands the need for change at the National Committee. He was a strong supporter of Harmeet Dhillon’s challenge, and worked that leadership contest as a member of Harmeet’s whip team.

“Consequently, I am pleased and – as a native Georgian – proud to endorse my friend Jason Thompson for another term as Republican National Committeeman for Georgia.”