Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Congratulates Trump on Super Tuesday Victories, Urges Haley to Withdraw 


Atlanta, GA – Tonight, former President Donald Trump won a smashing victory in Texas’ GOP primary as part of a wider assemblage of victories on Super Tuesday. In response, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund President Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:  

“President Trump continues to dominate the Republican primaries, fueled by grassroots conservatives. Sixteen states voted today, and while the results haven’t been finalized in every state, it is clear that Trump will emerge with an overwhelming share of the delegates at stake. The race is all but over, and it’s time for Nikki Haley to withdraw and endorse Trump. We must not delay any longer the process of uniting the conservative movement so we can be fully prepared and mobilized for the general campaign. The stakes are too high to delay the inevitable: We must be laser-focused on defeating Joe Biden. We congratulate President Trump on tonight’s victories, and we will continue working hard for him as he makes his way back to the White House.”  

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