Tea Party Patriots Blast Biden Over Inflammatory Speech in Pennsylvania 


Atlanta, GA – – Tonight, President Biden delivered a speech on the “Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation” in Philadelphia, PA. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement:

“Tonight, President Biden continued his tirade of dishonest rhetoric against those he fears. He repeated his lies that ‘MAGA Republicans’ are dangerous, doubling down on his errant claims that they’re extremist. As a point of fact, the only person in this one-sided back and forth who is dangerous is Joe Biden himself. For centuries oppressive governments have used derogatory labels and incendiary language to target and debase their political opponents, inevitably leading to violence against them from the masses. What Biden is doing is no different.

“It’s laughable that Biden still thinks of himself as a president of unity. Since taking office, Biden has shown nothing but contempt for Republicans and conservative voters.

“Democrats, clearly concerned about midterms, have pulled out their 2016 playbook. Biden’s persistent dehumanization of so-called ‘MAGA Republicans’ and conservative voters is meant to divide the country into truculent partisanship. Just like Democrats’ abhorrent behavior while President Trump was in office, Biden is telling the country that over 70 million Americans are their enemy. What more justification for oppression and vitriol do liberals need than the president himself pointing to conservatives and yelling, ‘that’s your enemy.’

“Those who choose to follow the path of dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric know where it leads, to condoned illegal and immoral violence. Everyone taking part in this type of vitriol needs to be swiftly rejected by voters who have had enough and will make their voices heard.

“No matter how much division Biden tries to sow, those who love this country, love the Constitution, and love our representative democracy will not take his bait. We will continue to stand for liberty, work to ensure we have honest and transparent elections, and will never feel shame for our love for America and our desire to make America great.”