​​Tea Party Patriots Action Urges Senate to Give Mayorkas Legitimate Trial


Atlanta, GA – Today, Speaker Johnson and House impeachment managers sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Schumer informing him they will send articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas to the Senate on April 10. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement: 

“DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been impeached by the House of Representatives for his utter failure to enforce the law on the southern border and then lying about it to Congress. The Senate should now do its job and hold an impeachment trial, with every senator required to hear the full case against Mayorkas, as presented by the House impeachment managers.

“The Democrats who control the Senate owe it to the American public not to dismiss this case before any evidence is presented, and not to shuffle the case off to some ‘special committee’ where all evidence will be presented in private.

“Secretary Mayorkas’ failure to enforce the law on the southern border has led to an illegal immigration crisis of historic proportions. Under his watch — and by his order — millions of illegal aliens have been allowed to enter the country. That is wrong, and he should be convicted by the Senate and removed from office.”

In January, the Daily Caller published Ms. Martin’s op-ed, Alejandro Mayorkas Is Finally Getting a Taste Of Accountability. To read it, click here.

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