Tea Party Patriots Action Urges House to Pass Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act 


Atlanta, GA – Today, the US House is expected to vote on the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act. This bill prevents the Consumer Product Safety Commission from regulating gas stoves as a banned federal product or issuing a product safety standard that makes gas stoves substantially more expensive. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“There is no question the Biden administration wants to ban gas stoves, so Congress needs to step in before it’s too late. We urge every member of Congress to take action now to save our stoves from the Biden administration’s radical ‘green agenda,’ which is making daily life more expensive and more inconvenient for hard-working Americans. With inflation already out of control because of the administration’s reckless spending and anti-growth policies, Team Biden should be embarrassed to propose new gas stove regulations.

“Shortly after Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Trumka proposed a gas stove ban, Tea Party Patriots Action launched a ‘Call to Action’ urging our members and supporters to leave comments opposing new regulations. We helped generate 4,448 comments opposing new regulations. This represented almost half the comments left for the commission. We will continue leading this fight, and we welcome Congress’ efforts to join us.”

In January, RealClearPolitics published Ms. Martin’s op-ed, They’re Coming for Your Gas Stoves and They’ve Already Started. To read it, click here