Tea Party Patriots Action Urges House to Hold Garland in Contempt of Congress


Atlanta, GA – As soon as today, the House will vote on holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for his refusal to produce subpoenaed audio recordings of President Biden’s interviews with special counsel Robert Hur over Biden’s mishandling of classified information. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“Tea Party Patriots Action urges every House Member to vote in favor of holding Attorney General Garland in contempt of Congress. There is no legal validity to President Biden’s assertion of privilege over the audio recordings of conversations in which the transcripts have already been released. For months, Garland has refused to turn over the recordings, even though the House committees are well within their legal rights to demand and receive them. This is just the latest example of Garland’s abuse of power, covering up for the ‘Big Guy.’ The appropriate recourse is to hold Garland in contempt of Congress.”

This week, Townhall published Ms. Martin’s op-ed, The House Must Vote “Yes” on Holding Garland in Contempt of Congress. To read it, click here.

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