Tea Party Patriots Action Urges Democrats to Keep Filibuster


Atlanta, GA – With the Senate parliamentarian ruling against the inclusion of a $15 minimum wage hike in the stimulus bill, Sen. Elizabeth Warren urged her colleagues to get rid of the filibuster.  

In response, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement: 

“During the 2020 election, we warned the American people that, if given the chance, Senate Democrats would try to eliminate the filibuster if they deemed it necessary to advance their radical agenda. The Democrats don’t just want to change public policy, they want to fundamentally transform our governing institutions to their advantage. They want to take their temporary majority and turn it into permanent control. As recently as a few years ago, the overwhelming majority of Democratic senators recognized the significance of the filibuster in terms of protecting minority rights and fostering bipartisan cooperation. They understood that the Founders meant for the House and the Senate to perform different functions, and they knew that their revered former Majority Leader — Robert Byrd of West Virginia — had it right when he spoke of an earlier attempt to overturn the filibuster and said, ‘How sad will be the legacy of those senators who vote to assassinate freedom of speech in the Senate of the United States. What a blotch upon the escutcheon of the great basic liberty of the people. How sad.’ Now, a new generation of far-left Democrats, led by Senators Warren and Sanders, are seeking to eliminate a 184-year-old institution — just because it won’t accede to their woke ideology. We urge reasonable Democrats, who understand the importance of protecting minority rights, like Senators Manchin, Feinstein, and Sinema, and others, to stand strong to preserve the protection of minority rights in the Senate.”