Tea Party Patriots Action Urges Congress to Scrap Vaccine Mandate for Service Members


TPPA Thanks GOP Senators Who Wrote Letter to McConnell Making That Demand

Atlanta, GA – This week, more than a dozen Senators wrote a letter to Senate Republican Leader McConnell opposing a vote on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) unless Senators can vote on an amendment prohibiting the discharge of Armed Services members who refuse to receive the Covid-19 vaccination and ordering the reinstatement and back pay of those members who have already been discharged. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement:

“No American should lose his or her job because of his or her Covid-19 vaccination status, and that’s especially true for our brave men and women in uniform.  Over 125,000 service members currently face discharge because of President Biden’s terrible Covid-19 vaccine requirement.  The fact that Biden is insisting on this requirement when he has already declared the Covid-19 crisis ‘over’ is absurd — and it’s even more absurd when you add to that the fact that our armed forces are already facing challenges on the recruitment front, with historic shortfalls in recent years. We thank the Senators who are standing up for our heroes in uniform.  We urge every Senator to vote to end Biden’s vaccine requirement for the military.”