Tea Party Patriots Action Slams Yet Another Trump Indictment


Atlanta, GA – Former President Donald Trump has been indicted (yet again) by the Justice Department (yet again), this time for his actions in the immediate aftermath of the 2020 election. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:  

“This is a disgrace. Every American should be appalled by this blatant abuse of power by President Biden’s Justice Department.  President Biden is trying to break and imprison his chief opponent in the 2024 election – that is the real election interference, not anything President Trump did in the 2020 cycle.  This is the now the third prosecution of Trump by Democrats, with a fourth prosecution expected by Fulton County’s DA any day now.  Meanwhile, the DOJ wants to give Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal and is covering up for ‘The Big Guy’s’ possible bribery and classified documents negligence. Conservatives experience persecution, while Democrats escape prosecution.     

“President Trump did not conspire with anyone to break the law.  

“President Trump did not orchestrate a riot.  In fact, he explicitly called on his supporters to be peaceful. When the protest got out of hand, he publicly demanded that his supporters leave the Capitol.  BLM and Antifa, on the other hand, orchestrated many deadly riots in the summer of 2020.  Biden’s running mate at the time, Kamala Harris, urged people to contribute money to bail out the rioters. 

“If you’re a political candidate, and the results of the election are disputed, you have a right to pursue your legal options as far as the law allows.  Trump did that; he did nothing illegal or immoral.  The fact that he is being prosecuted is outrageous.   

“No one considered prosecuting Al Gore when he disputed the 2000 election, mobilizing his army of lawyers to deny military ballots and hold recounts only in Florida counties that he won in a landslide but not hold recounts in counties he lost.  Gore’s legal approach was becoming so chaotic the U.S. Supreme Court had to come in and put a stop to it.  Yet, again, no one ever thought about prosecuting Gore because that’s not something conservatives do.  Only today’s Democrats feel emboldened enough to sic the full power of the state against their political opponents.  It’s shameful.   

“Does anyone really think it’s a coincidence that the DOJ drops a new indictment on President Trump literally one day after Hunter Biden’s former business partner blows up Joe Biden’s ‘I never spoke to my son about his foreign business dealings’ charade?” 

“We, at TPPA, look forward to President Trump’s full vindication in a court of law.”