Tea Party Patriots Action Slams Guilty Verdict in Trump Case


Atlanta, GA – Today, former President Trump was found guilty by a New York City jury for unlawful bookkeeping. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“This is a disgraceful, inexcusable verdict. This case should never have been brought to trial in the first place. The D.A. never explained the underlying crime, and his political motivations were clear — he was elected after having promised to ‘get Trump’ during his election campaign. Judge Merchan was equally abysmally biased, issuing absurd jury instructions that make the verdict vulnerable to appeal. The jurors themselves clearly were either biased, given the overwhelming liberal make-up of Manhattan, or did not understand the law. What we’re left with is an unprecedented day in American history: A presumptive presidential nominee convicted for a made-up crime to weaken him in an election campaign. President Biden and the Democrats are smiling today. But Trump will prevail come November, and the tables will turn. The Democrats should be careful what they wish for.”