Tea Party Patriots Action Slams DHS for Funding Anti-Terrorism Program Linking Tea Party to Nazis


Atlanta, GA – Today, FoxNews.com reported that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) doled out taxpayer money through an anti-terrorism grant initiative to a University of Dayton program that explicitly lumped the Tea Party and other conservative groups into the same category as Nazis (link to story). Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“The Biden administration’s weaponization of government continues.  Tea Party Patriots Action is a grassroots conservative organization with about three million members and supporters. We peacefully mobilize our members to advocate conservative values.  To have DHS funds be in an anti-terrorism program that links us to Nazis and puts us on a ‘pyramid of far-right radicalization’ is offensive and disgraceful.  

“TPPA has already suffered from government abuse of power.  During the Obama era, Tea Party Patriots was deliberately targeted and persecuted by the IRS in one of the biggest government scandals of the modern era.  

“Prior to today’s revelations, we had called for Secretary Mayorkas to be impeached because of his willful refusal to enforce our immigration laws, causing the historic crisis on our southern border.  Today, we are once again demanding that Secretary Mayorkas be impeached and for DHS to return to its original mission of protecting our country, instead of trying to intimidate conservative Americans.”  

TPPA has a petition up for Mayorkas’ impeachment.