Tea Party Patriots Action Slams Biden Administration’s Hypocritical Decision to Extend Mask Requirement on Planes


March 10, 2022

Atlanta, GA – Today, the Biden Administration hypocritically extended requirements for travelers to wear masks on airplanes, trains, and in transit hubs through April 18, according to media reports. The decision extends by one month the current requirements that were set to expire March 18.  

“Forty-nine states have lifted their mask mandates, and the last holdout – Hawaii – will end its mandate on March 25.  The Biden Administration’s response?  Extend the mask mandate on planes, trains, and in transit hubs until April 18.  And when the new deadline comes, they’ll probably extend it again.  Despite the fact that they think mask mandates should no longer apply to them — remember the State of the Union address, where no one had to wear one? — it’s clear they don’t want the rest of us to go back to normal.  What a bunch of hypocrites! They refuse to recognize the damage that Covid mandates have done and continue to do to our country.  Our economy, our health, our children and their education – all of them harmed by unnecessary and damaging lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and mask mandates.  The Administration made the wrong decision today.  We’re not surprised.”