Tea Party Patriots Action Sends Letter to GOP Senators & Senator Manchin Urging Them to Stand Up for Taxpayers & Oppose September Spending Bill if It Sets Up Spending Vote During Lame Duck Session


Atlanta, GA – Today, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) sent a letter to every Republican Senator and Senator Joe Manchin urging them to vote against any Continuing Resolution (CR) – a short-term spending bill – if it only keeps the government funded through the “lame duck” congressional session between Election Day and the swearing in of the next Congress in January.  In order to protect taxpayers from a “lame duck” spending spree, TPPA is calling for a Continuing Resolution that keeps the government funded until the next Congress convenes in January. To read the full letter, click here.   

“Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are scheming to go on one final reckless spending spree in the waning days of the 117th Congress, and it’s up to you and your Senate Republican colleagues to prevent it,” TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin wrote in the letter. “Their plan is to pass a short-term Continuing Resolution that would keep the government funded just until mid-December – long enough to get past the November elections without having to worry about a government shutdown, but short enough that it will still allow a lame duck Congress to pass a full-year spending bill.”  

“On behalf of the three million supporters of Tea Party Patriots Action, I urge you to vote against any Continuing Resolution that lasts only long enough to keep the government funded until after the November election, but which allows the lame duck Congress to vote in mid-December on a full-year omnibus spending package,” Martin concluded.

This summer, Townhall published Ms. Martin’s op-ed, Will Senate Republicans Stand Firm on Spending Negotiations? To read it, click here.