Tea Party Patriots Action Reacts to the Latest Twitter Files Covering the Russiagate Lies


Atlanta, GA – Today, journalist Matt Taibbi posted a Tweet thread covering the latest part of the Twitter files on Russiagate lies. The Twitter files are a series of internal Twitter, Inc. documents primarily dealing with censorship and decisions around censorship within the company. The ‘Twitter files’ have recently been made available to a number of journalists following the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk. In response to the latest report, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement:

“The Twitter files and the recent acknowledgement of the classified documents held in Biden’s possession for 6+ years makes it clear, the mainstream media is now state media pushing a narrative crafted by elected officials and unelected bureaucrats. 

“The news sites unwilling to follow along are abused by so-called fact checkers which in turn harm their ability to monetize their products. Furthermore, these same abusers gaslight anyone who thought this sort of thing was happening and tried to talk about it, as well as anyone who disagrees with whatever the predetermined state media message of the day is.”All of this has a chilling effect on those who want to be truthful, unbiased reporters, and citizens who want to freely express their opinions. I salute Elon Musk for shining a bright light on this unconstitutional abuse of power and suppression of basic human rights.”