Tea Party Patriots Action Reacts to Recent UFO Shootdowns: ‘What Are You Hiding, President Biden?’


Atlanta, GA – In the past three days, the U.S. has shot down three UFOs (unidentified flying object), though now commonly referred to as UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). The most recent was shot down Sunday, 20,000 feet over Michigan’s Lake Huron. This string of UAPs comes off the heels of the Chinese spy balloon that floated across America before being finally shot down. The nature of the recent three UAPs is unknown, and Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, North American Aerospace Defense Command commander, would not speculate on its country of origin. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“What are you hiding, President Biden? Why won’t you just come clean with the American people and tell us what’s really going on here?

“The Biden administration is no stranger to abuses of power. The latest example comes from its lack of accountability regarding the national security threat we all witnessed this past weekend. Last week, a Chinese spy balloon was allowed to fly from the west side of the country to the east before being shot down. That alone is grave cause for concern, but now three UAPs have been shot down in as many days. The Biden administration refuses to be transparent about what these UAPs were or where they came from. This lack of transparency from the Biden administration is unacceptable, especially considering the national security implications.”Whether we realize it or not, we are locked in a competition with Beijing on the technology front, and we are losing. The recent award-winning documentary ‘Innovation Race,’ produced by Tea Party Patriots Action, explores the imminent threat posed by China’s exploitation of weaknesses in U.S. patent protection and presents solutions for restoring our dominance in innovation, technology, and invention. Unless our government acknowledges that the exploitation of the U.S. patent systems needs to be fixed, we will likely see the end of U.S. dominance and innovation in the technology sector. The recent UAP sightings in such quick succession may already prove the U.S. is falling gravely behind.”