Tea Party Patriots Action Reacts to House Hearing Highlighting Mayorkas’ Failures


Atlanta, GA – Today, the House Homeland Security Committee held a hearing titled “Voices For The Victims: The Heartbreaking Reality Of The Mayorkas Border Crisis.” This is the second and final hearing to kick off the impeachment process for DHS Secretary Mayorkas. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“This was a very powerful hearing, in which multiple witnesses shared their first-person accounts of the border crisis – an unnecessary crisis fueled by the failures of Secretary Mayorkas to enforce the law. The story of Josephine Dunn, who lost her daughter Ashley to fentanyl at age 26, was particularly heartbreaking. One of the committee members, Democrat Representative Dan Goldberg, responded to Ms. Dunn’s testimony by lecturing Ms. Dunn and berating her. Goldberg would rather attack a mom who buried her own daughter than confront the harsh realities of Mayorkas’ humanitarian disaster. Mayorkas himself was not at today’s hearing. If he took his job seriously, he would have come and testified and listened to the witness’ stories. With today’s hearing, momentum is building for something that should have already happened: Secretary Mayorkas must be impeached.”

Last week, the Daily Caller published Ms. Martin’s op-ed, Alejandro Mayorkas Is Finally Getting a Taste Of Accountability. To read it, click here.