Tea Party Patriots Action Reacts to DOE Cooking Stove Final Standards


Atlanta, GA – On Monday, the Department of Energy (DOE) finalized its long-awaited standards for cooking stoves, backing down from its initial plan that would have banned nearly half of gas stoves in American households. In response to the DOE’s finalized regulations, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:  

“While the DOE’s announcement may seem like a win against the Biden administration’s regulatory onslaught, it’s not worth celebrating. The regulations DOE finalized and will start enforcing are unnecessary and will hinder our everyday lives. The administration’s so-called ‘green agenda’ continues to take precedence over the interest of the American people. These radicals aren’t going anywhere and the fight is not over. We will continue working with Congress to roll back these regulations and protect our way of life.”

Shortly after Commissioner Trumka proposed a gas stove ban in January 2023, TPPA launched a “Call to Action” urging their members and supporters to leave comments opposing new regulations.  They helped generate 4,448 comments.  This represented almost half the comments left for the commission.