Tea Party Patriots Action Poll Conducted by McLaughlin & Associates Shows Massive Majority Support for Stronger Election Integrity


87% of Americans Agree that “Proof of U.S. Citizenship

Should be Required to Register to Vote in American elections.”

Atlanta, GA – Today, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) released the data from a poll it conducted through McLaughlin and Associates showing massive majority support for stronger election integrity.

The poll, which surveyed 1,000 general election voters and was conducted January 25-31, found:

  • 87% agree that “proof of United States citizenship should be required to register to vote in American elections.”
  • 86% agree that “only United States citizens should be allowed to vote in elections in America”
  • 86% agree that “only United States citizens should be allowed to vote in elections for the American President, Senators, and Representatives”
  • 83% agree that “proof of United States citizenship should be required to vote in American elections”
  • 79% agree that “foreigners should be prohibited from interfering, including voting, in U.S. elections”

Crosstabs available upon request.

TPPA Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“We are just months away from one of the most important elections in our lifetime, and the security of those elections is under siege from an invasion of foreigners crossing our borders illegally. Some of them could ultimately vote in our elections with few barriers stopping them. There are so many who have crossed into our country illegally — at least seven million, by the Biden Administration’s own count, and probably more — that if just one percent of them illegally registered to vote and then voted, that would be more votes than Joe Biden needed to take the 2020 election.

“Our poll shows that election integrity is a bipartisan issue, with overwhelming majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents wanting to protect our elections from foreign interference. Our poll makes it absolutely clear — by a wide margin, the vast majority of America’s voters believe voting in federal elections must be restricted only to U.S. citizens. This poll should ring alarm bells for policy makers: the American people want action, and they will not accept excuses.”

“Even though many states do not require voter ID, the vast majority, 87%, agree proof of US citizenship should be required to register to vote in American elections. Proof of citizenship for voter registration has strong support in every region, across all political parties, ideologies and demographics.

John McLaughlin, CEO/Partner, McLaughlin & Associates, issued the following statement:

“Similarly, 86% of all voters say ONLY US citizens should be allowed to vote in elections for President and federal offices. 

“Four in five voters, 79%, agree that foreigners should be prevented from interfering by voting in US elections. 

“86% say only US citizens should be allowed to vote in American elections. 83% want proof of citizenship to be required to vote in elections. 

“It’s simple. Americans want to protect American democracy and American elections from the foreign interference of allowing non-citizens to vote. American voters want to protect their vote from being cancelled out by the vote of non-citizens.

“Support to protect the value of an American citizen’s vote is broadly and overwhelmingly popular across all political, ideological and demographic voter segments. At a time where millions and millions of non-citizens are coming into the US, American voters want to protect American elections by simply requiring proof of citizenship to both to register and then to vote. It’s just common sense and it’s every American’s most fundamental right. It would be tragic to betray these voters and their civil rights for the sake of political corruption and power. We would truly lose our country.”

Cleta Mitchell, Founder, Election Integrity Networkissued the following statement:

“The greatest threat to the integrity of the 2024 election is illegal non-citizen / alien voting.  Americans overwhelmingly favor ensuring that only US citizens are allowed to vote. We need to mobilize and organize in every state, city, and county to protect our elections from this legitimate threat that is upon us. We must engage, observe, and speak up to make certain that our voter rolls contain only US Citizen registrations and that all new registrants are providing proof of US citizenship.”

Gina Swoboda, Executive Director of the Voter Reference Foundation, issued the following statement:

“Requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote is a cornerstone of election integrity, helping preserve the fairness and validity of our electoral process. The Voter Reference Foundation believes this is a critical step in safeguarding the rights of legitimate citizens to participate in the shaping of our governance.”

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