Tea Party Patriots Action on Iran Nuclear Deal:
Goodbye and Good Riddance


Atlanta, GA – At a Tuesday press conference, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Iran had rejected the possibility of reviving the 2015 nuclear deal that President Trump withdrew from in 2018. “The Iranians killed the opportunity to come back to that agreement swiftly many months ago,” Blinken said. “There was an opportunity on the table that they rejected, an opportunity that was approved by all who were involved.”

“One of President Trump’s greatest foreign policy achievements was killing the Iranian nuclear deal,” said  Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin. “When the Obama Administration signed the deal in 2015, Tea Party Patriots was the most active outside group opposing the deal.  We held a large rally on the Capitol steps that included then-candidate Donald Trump. Trump promised to kill the deal if he was elected, and he followed through on that promise in 2018.  As a presidential candidate, Joe Biden promised to revive the deal.  Thankfully, Biden has been unable to deliver on that promise.  Returning to the Iran nuclear deal would be a catastrophic blunder. The Biden Administration should simply admit defeat and publicly announce the deal is ‘dead’ as it should be. Goodbye and good riddance.”