Tea Party Patriots Action Calls on Biden to Be Removed Via 25th Amendment


Atlanta, GA –Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement in response to Special Counsel Hur’s report regarding President Biden’s “willful” retention and disclosure of classified material. 

“The Special Counsel has left the American body politic with no choice: We must take the Special Counsel at his word and acknowledge that the president’s mental acuity has deteriorated so much that he can no longer perform the duties of president. If he cannot stand trial because a prosecutor believes he would have difficulty convincing a jury that Biden has the mental capacity to have intent to commit a crime, then President Biden does not have the mental capacity necessary to meet the demands of what everyone knows is a difficult job.

“The office of President requires a level of mental performance that President Biden has consistently shown he does not possess. And — incredibly — he insists on running for re-election for another four years. This disastrous chapter in American history must come to an end. The 25th Amendment must be invoked.”