Tea Party Patriots Action Blasts Senate Democrats for Debt Ceiling Hearing


Atlanta, GA – Today, Senate Democrats continue their attacks on House Republicans’ plans to restore fiscal discipline to federal government spending, with a Senate Budget Committee hearing. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claims the purpose of the hearing is to “expose the true impact” of House Republicans’ proposal to lift the debt ceiling. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“Today’s Senate hearing has nothing to do with negotiating the debt ceiling. It’s clear the intended outcome is to beat down Republicans pushing for fiscal responsibility and force the GOP to raise the debt ceiling without any conditions. How do we know? In the recent words of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the ‘only practical path to avoid default’ is to suspend the debt limit ‘without condition.’

“Inflation is wreaking havoc on everyday Americans, no matter what gaslighting Biden or those in his administration may try to claim. The Federal Reserve’s decision to raise rates again is proof of that fact. Instead of working to bring inflation under control by cutting their reckless deficit spending, Senate Democrats want instead to eviscerate any Republican attempt to rein in the Biden administration’s spending sprees. Debt and spending are linked, as any American who has pulled himself or herself out of debt can tell you. You don’t reward financial irresponsibility by empowering more financial irresponsibility. House Republicans understand this, and so does the American public. Why don’t Democrats?”