Tea Party Patriots Action Applauds Texas Governor Abbott for Strong Leadership on Border Crisis


Atlanta, GA – On Wednesday, Texas Governor Abbott declared that the federal government had failed to uphold its compact with Texas by allowing an invasion of millions of illegal aliens. Texas is currently tied up in litigation with the Biden Administration regarding the erection of barbed wire fencing Texas has placed on state property. Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin issued the following statement:

“Governor Abbott is absolutely correct that the Biden Administration is deliberately failing in its most basic constitutional duty: to protect us from foreign invasion. It is shameful that the Administration has allowed millions of illegal aliens to enter our country, and it is even worse that the Biden Administration is suing Texas to stop it from erecting barbed wire fencing on state property in order to help keep out illegal aliens. Further, it is wrong for Democrats in Congress to urge Biden to federalize the Texas National Guard if Abbott carries out his plan to continue erecting barbed wire. The Biden Administration is playing a dangerous game, and we stand with Abbott and other patriots who are protecting our country against the disastrous Biden Border Crisis.”