Tea Party Patriots Action Applauds House Passage of Rules Package


Atlanta, GA – Today, the U.S. House adopted the rules package that conservatives negotiated with Speaker McCarthy ahead of his election as Speaker. In response, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement: 

“We applaud the House Republicans who voted for today’s rules package. This package would not have been possible without the 21 courageous Members of Congress who insisted that Speaker McCarthy’s promotion be tied to these vitally important reforms. These reforms include restoring the ‘motion to vacate’ rules that were in place before then-Speaker Pelosi changed them in 2019, a cap on spending, the end of the ‘Omnibus,’ and a Judiciary subcommittee that will focus on the ‘weaponization’ of the federal government, among many other things. These reforms will empower positive change over the course of the 118th Congress.”