Senators Manchin and Sinema Should Take Their Concerns with $3.5T Budget Reconciliation Bill Seriously, and So Should Everyone Else


Atlanta, GA – Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement in regards to Senators Manchin and Sinema expressing their concerns with the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. 

“Our nation is already more than $29 trillion in debt as we speak, yet Democrats continue to ramp up the reckless spending as they push for a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. Senators Manchin and Sinema have raised serious concerns about this bill. Sinema said last week she would not vote for $3.5 trillion, and Manchin said this morning that it is ‘simply irresponsible to continue spending at levels more suited to respond to a Great Depression …’ They are absolutely right. There’s no need to spend another dime after, as he noted, we’ve already pumped $5 trillion in new deficit spending into the economy over the past year. As if on cue with his stated concern about inflation, today’s Consumer Price Index report shows a big spike in inflation, which is a hidden tax on everyone. But will Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema hold to this? Will responsible actions follow their words? They and other sensible Democrats, as well as all Republicans, must unite to stop the reckless spending right here, right now.”