Georgia Leaders & Tea Party Patriots Action Release Statements about President Biden’s Speech in Atlanta Today


ATLANTA, GA – Today, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin and several Georgians who are part of the Georgia election integrity coalition that Tea Party Patriots Action is building released statements in response to President Biden’s speech in Atlanta. The statements are listed below:

“The Democrats lied about the Georgia election reform law. Now they are lying about the Right to Cheat Act and the Pelosi Power Grab – two bills they want to ram through Congress because they know those bills will turn a temporary governing majority into a permanent one.”  

– Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Action Honorary Chairman


“The Tenth Amendment to the Constitution provides states sovereign rights. This includes their right to control their own elections! The Tenth Amendment is what protects us from a tyrannical government! The states joined the Union on the condition of states’ rights.

“We have already witnessed the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration, created by the far-left establishment in DC who want to turn our country into a ‘one-party’ socialist country, take away the power of the people, and give it to the government.  They know that controlling our elections is their only hope to stay in power and complete their goal of making America a communist-controlled country! We can’t let that happen. How is that working for Cuba?  Venezuela? Russia?”

– Salleigh Grubbs, Chair, Cobb GOP


“We have heard no concerns from the Biden / Harris administration in regards to the real election integrity issues in Georgia such as:  

  • “Removing the voting system that a U.S. District Court found to be illegal;
  • Getting access to publicly inspect Fulton County mail-in ballots that senior poll managers have sworn are counterfeit;
  • Helping to achieve accountability for state and county actions that destroyed over a million ballot images in violation of federal and state law.

“Verifiability, transparency, auditing improvements and true recount capabilities are Georgia’s top election issues.

“We will be watching to see if the administration is serious about these real issues or has only come to town to promote its diversionary political agenda.”

– Garland Favorito, VoterGA


“Mr. President, you have landed in the wrong state!  Georgia, which you describe as having Jim Crow election laws, would appreciate the voting laws of Delaware. Georgia would like Delaware’s limits of early voting up to 10 days, and we think it is fair to only have absentee mail-in ballots requiring an excuse!  I understand if you can’t achieve another federalizing of election laws; you are trying to influence our state election laws.  While Georgia elections have far to go in terms of being fair and transparent, they are not racist laws.  Your narrative is false and demeaning to all of our residents, and even more insulting to our minority residents.  Because you are the President of our United States, I would appreciate you being fair and respectful to the residents of Georgia.”

– Julie Adams


“Election integrity is not anti-democratic; it is a non-partisan issue. A democratic society respects individuals and their right to make their own choices, including voting to elect their representatives.  

  • “Every eligible US citizen has the right and responsibility to vote.  
  • Every eligible US citizen wants his or her vote counted.  
  • No one wants eligible voters to not have access to vote.
  • No one wants his or her legal vote to be negated by illegal votes.  

“Election integrity was a concern for Democrats after the 2016 elections. After the 2020 elections, election integrity became a concern for Republicans. Clearly, voter confidence does not exist in either party. This is unacceptable in a democratic society, especially a world leader like the U.S.

“It’s finally crystal clear: we the people must unite and take back control of our elections to ensure elections are free, fair and transparent. We want to ‘elect’ our representatives. Once we restore confidence in our elections, we will be content even if our candidate of choice doesn’t win.”

– Cigdem Delano, Cobb County GOP House District Chair.


“Georgians have many concerns that need to be addressed through our legislature and state officials, but the issue that eclipses all others is election integrity. Ensuring that each legal vote is counted accurately is a basic tenet upon which this nation was established and is of concern to all Georgians, regardless of political affiliation.  

“Georgians are very concerned about the way our nation has been weakened in the past 12 months. Protecting the legal vote of our citizens, regardless of party affiliation, regardless of income level, race, or gender is the most important task before us. Our legislature started that process with SB202 in 2021, and we will continue in the 2022 legislative session.”

– Suzanne Tanner, Alliance for Promoting Election Transparency