Yes, Obamacare increased healthcare premiums substantially


Outrage against Obamacare isn’t just a conservative talking point—it’s the natural response when big government sticks it to the little guy.

Overwhelming evidence from scholars shows that the Affordable Care Act “significantly increased premiums.” Two Brookings Institution researchers attempted to show through analysis that the ACA had caused average premiums in the individual market to drop; however, Loren Adler and Paul Ginsburg left out some important points.

A Forbes contributor reported:

Economists at the University of Pennsylvania, also using actual pre-ACA individual market data, estimated that the total expected price of individual market coverage (premiums plus out-of-pocket payments) increased by 14% to 28% as a result of the ACA. According to their findings, “the pre-ACA average premium was lower than the lowest silver plan premium.” Penn’s economists also estimated that plans in the individual market before the ACA had similar actuarial value to silver plans, not an average actuarial value that was 10 percentage points less (and 17% less) than assumed by Adler and Ginsburg. Importantly, all of these studies compare gross premiums before and after the ACA without accounting for subsidies that lowered ACA plan premiums.

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