TPPCF Congratulates Ron DeSantis on His Victory in Florida Governor’s Race


ATLANTA, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today congratulating Ron DeSantis on his victory in the Florida Governor’s race. 

“On behalf of our millions of members and supporters, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund congratulates Ron DeSantis on his victory in the Florida Governor’s race. 

“Since taking office as Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis has led the state as a principled conservative. He has fought for limited government and individual liberty, and has worked to promote personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future. 

“He opposed the mask and vaccine mandates, and he worked to keep businesses and schools open. While others were moaning and cowering, he was leading. History and experience now show he wasn’t just courageous, he was RIGHT. What we’ve learned about the ill effects of the lockdowns and school closures on our personal health, our children’s education, and our economic fortunes – just to name a few – should be a lesson to the Fauci sycophants: You. Were. Wrong. 

“But that’s not all. Gov. DeSantis is committed to growing opportunity for all. He understands the power of tax cuts to fuel economic growth and allow Floridians to live their dreams. Just a few months ago, Gov. DeSantis signed into law the biggest tax relief package in the history of the state. And now he has proposed another $1.1 billion in tax reduction. 

“He is strongly opposed to the Biden Administration’s open border policies and is willing to take the steps necessary to highlight the human cost of the Biden policies. His decision to send Venezuelan migrants to the so-called ‘sanctuary city’ of Martha’s Vineyard is a recent example. He came in for negative coverage in every mainstream media outlet in the country, but he didn’t care – after all, those media outlets couldn’t carry negative stories about him without talking about illegal immigration, a subject the Biden Administration has been doing its best to avoid at all costs. 

“He knows that when it comes to a child’s education, the child’s parents must be in control, no matter what the teachers’ unions say. 

“We thank Florida voters for making the right choice, and we look forward to working with Governor DeSantis to promote and implement government policies that will enhance personal freedom and economic freedom, and lead to a debt-free future.”