TPPCF Congratulates Macro Rubio on His Victory in Florida’s U.S. Senate Race


ATLANTA, Ga. – Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund (TPPCF) Chairman Jenny Beth Martin released the following statement today congratulating Marco Rubio on his victory in Florida’s U.S. Senate race. 

“On behalf of our millions of members and supporters, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund congratulates Marco Rubio on his victory in Florida’s U.S. Senate race. 

“Since arriving in the U.S. Senate, Marco Rubio has been a strong conservative voice. He believes in personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future. He has fought to defend and promote individual liberty and limited government. 

“Sen. Rubio has fought against the reckless spending that created the worst inflation in 40 years. He wants to lower taxes and cut regulations to create the kind of dynamic economic growth we need. 

“He has been a leader on a crucial issue – the Biden Administration’s efforts to revive the terrible nuclear deal with Iran. Sen. Rubio recently introduced the Iran China Accountability Act, which would prohibit the use of taxpayer dollars to advance a nuclear deal with Iran until Iran ends its ties to the Chinese Communist Party and terrorist groups like Hamas. 

“Sen. Rubio opposes President Biden’s illegal student loan payoff scheme. About it, Sen. Rubio said, ‘This is a handout that primarily benefits the highly educated and already well-off, the laptop liberals and Marxist misfit activists who have never run a business, made payroll, or worried about something other than what pronouns to use.’ 

“And he knows that parents must be in charge of their children’s education. 

“We thank Florida voters for making the right choice, and we look forward to working with U.S. Senator Rubio to promote and implement government policies that will enhance personal freedom and economic freedom, and lead to a debt-free future.”